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Tips to help with Wellbeing at home


Tips to enhance young people’s wellbeing at home: 

  • Ensure they are getting enough sleep and rest. Encourage a structured bedtime and morning routine, going to bed and getting up at times to allow for at least 8 hours sleep. 

  • Ensure they are drinking plenty of water and minimal sugary drinks. 

  • Ensure they eat a healthy breakfast and dinner. Help and encourage older and more confident pupils to make better informed food choices and cook their own meals. 

  • Limit time on phones, tablets, computers and TV, and when time is allowed ensure it is structured and educational where possible. 

  • Ensure pupils are active and engaging in regular exercise. This could range from going for a short daily walk to regular participation in leisure pursuits and sports clubs. 

  • Give them opportunities to interact with a wide range of people in the community to enhance their confidence and social skills. This could range from interacting with people in the supermarket to other young people at community clubs, activities and events. 

  • Give them opportunities’ to develop their strengths and interests to help enhance their self-esteem. With that being said, also encourage them to try new things. 

  • Always give young people a voice. Ask them how they are feeling? What would they like for dinner? What would they like to do? Give them opportunities to make choices and take risks. 

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