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Woodlands High School

Woodlands High School



Art & Design

Art stimulates creativity and imagination. It provides visual, tactile and sensory experiences that present a unique way to communicate and understand others, and respond to the world cultures.

Pupils learn about the place of Art and design in daily life, through history and across world cultures. Pupils learn to develop many transferable skills and critical thinking.

Green Man
"Green Man" sculpture. Created by a pupil in year 9


Art at Woodlands aims to offer our pupils opportunities to:

  • Experience, experiment with and use colour, form, shape, space, texture and pattern.
  • Explore different materials and processes.
  • Respond to and communicate what they see, feel and think, on their own or working with others.
  • Value and assess their own and others’ achievements.
  • Learn through enjoyment and fun.

Sensory approach.

reclaiming clay
reclaiming clay

Art offers the opportunity for a sensory rich experience while presenting the following:

  • Exploration of materials, tools and processes.
  • Demonstration of techniques and methods.
  • Looking at artefacts, paintings and items made by Artists and crafts persons.
  • Use of immediate and local environment to enhance art experiences.
  • Accessing Art galleries, local artists, exhibitions, if available and appropriate.

We aim to provide an effective and engaging learning experience for all.


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