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Woodlands High School

Woodlands High School



Behaviour Support

We are proud of the high standards of our pupils’ behaviour in our school. Pupils are expected to display excellent standards of behaviour both within school and when outside on activities and visits. We work to a clear set of rules and principles which have been established with our pupils and reflect our whole-school ideals for behaviour. Pupils are required to think and reflect on their own behaviour and demeanour throughout the day in school. Good behaviour and positive attitudes to pupils’ learning is positively reinforced, celebrated and rewarded. Our aim is to ensure our pupils become respectable, reflective individuals who enjoy positive self-esteem and respect others around them. Within the next academic year we are aiming to become an official 'Restorative School'.


There are a range of supports which can be put in place should a pupil be experiencing a challenging period and finding it difficult to settle and engage. These might include minor adjustments to timetable or teaching group, devising an Individual Behabiour Plan and accessing the 'Nuture Base' on a slight alternative curriculum arrangement.

We work closely with parents and families to ensure that we are aware of any factors which may be causing difficulties and we work to help resolve the issues. We currently utilise SIMS as an online behaviour incident tracker which proves a very effective tool for identifying trends and individual potentilal causes for concern.


Rarely, it might be necessary to exclude a pupil from school either for a fixed period of time or, extremely rarely, permanently. Parents and pupils are advised before this action is taken and the Local Authority is informed.


We are proud that bullying is extremely rare in our school and no form of bullying is tolerated. We firmly believe that everyone has the right to enjoy an experience free from bullying in our school. We work hard to ensure it does not occur and that our pupils feel empowered to share any concerns they have with us and with their parents. This is an important aspect of our PSE curriculum. If any parent has concerns about bullying they should contact Mr Ellis (Assistant Headteacher).

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