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Woodlands High School

Woodlands High School



Design Technology

To ensure that pupils develop an understanding of the ever-changing technological world they live in whilst learning in a safe, secure and stimulating climate by completing well-planned activities designed to support the Design Technology curriculum. Creative learning happens most effectively when pupils are actively involved in the process.


  • To foster self-esteem, self-confidence and a basic understanding of the opinions of others
  • To encourage teamwork where appropriate
  • To encourage the ability to make an informed choice within a creative area of the curriculum
  • To develop partnerships with parents, carers and external support agencies
  • To develop links with industry and commerce in order to enrich the curriculum
  • To provide access to external certificated where appropriate
  • To provide opportunities for Curriculum Cymraeg

Links with Other Areas/Policy Statements

Pupils will be given the opportunity to draw on knowledge gained in other subject areas and apply it to Design Technology tasks. Close links with Art, Food Technology, Science and Drama lead to inter-disciplinary working to provide a more cross-curricular approach, greater flexibility and enhanced learning. The school Sustainability policy will be considered when undertaking work related to Healthy Schools, Eco Schools and Towards Independence and YAS modules.


Curriculum Organisation and Teaching Methods

A range of teaching and learning approaches will be employed.

Transition groups will undertake a range of design and make activities to help them develop a range of new skills and to learn new classroom behaviours to ensure health and safety rules are observed. Pupils will have the opportunity to work individually, in pairs, in small groups and as a whole class to develop their skills and understanding by completing a range of modules that encourage communication, numeracy and literacy skills, as well as developing skills in teamwork, problem solving, creativity, research and evaluating both their own work and the work of others. Consideration will be given to the layout of the room, the deployment of teaching assistants and teaching methods dependent on the needs of the pupils and the particular module being delivered.


Equal Opportunities Statement
To provide equal opportunities for all pupils to reach their full potential, recognising the range of different abilities, skills and talents developed via a range of design and make activities in accordance with the schools’ Equal Opportunities policy.


Assessment Recording and Reporting
The Scheme of Work contains clear learning objectives and each pupil is regularly assessed against these. Pupils’ work is regularly marked and commented on. PACE sheets clearly show opportunities for formal assessment. Pupils are also encouraged to evaluate their own work and that of others end of key stages of each module as part of the design process.


Staff Development/INSET
Where possible departmental staff will attend relevant INSET courses selected in accordance to needs identified in the departmental Self Review and Action Plans not only to keep abreast of subject developments but also to improve teaching practice, classroom performance and behaviour management.


Communication and links with parents
Parents are informed of termly modules of work via overview sheets and timetables sent home. At the end of each module when the pupils take home their practical work a breakdown of the processes, tools and methods used will be included to let parents/carers know what the module has entailed.


Links with other agencies/the wider community
A number of links exist to enhance the curriculum including Healthy schools, Eco Schools and Team Enterprise. There are also a number of special projects run within the 14-19 agenda.


Health and Safety
It is the responsibility of classroom staff to ensure that all equipment is used safely and maintained correctly. The staff must ensure that pupils follow safety guidelines at all times and receive the correct training before using equipment.

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