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Woodlands High School

Woodlands High School




Woodlands School aims to work co-operatively with pupils, parents, support agencies, and external arts groups in particular Rubicon Dance and Theatr Iolo. Emphasis is placed on enjoyable learning, with well-planned experiences, which support speaking and listening in English and also promote self-esteem, self-confidence and teamwork.

The following principles are taken into account in the delivery of a Drama Curriculum, which:

1. Provides equal opportunities for all pupils to develop and extend their abilities.
2. Places emphasis on communication skills.
3. Recognises the importance of all language work in supporting other curriculum areas.
4. Seeks to meet individual language needs through well designed schemes of work and Individual targets.
5. Encourages pupils to think and plan for themselves, and to communicate their ideas more fluently.
6. Encourages independent and collaborative work where appropriate.
7. Encourages the ability to reflect on the work achieved.
8 Provides access to external certificated courses where appropriate.
9. Extends pupils reading skills, through the use of stories, poems and plays, thereby improving fluency, accuracy and understanding.
10 Working in partnership with the English Department, extends pupils confidence in expressing their ideas and thoughts both individually and collaboratively.
11 Gives opportunities to develop and apply their knowledge and understanding of the traditions, customs and culture of Wales.
12. Provides a safe and secure environment for all pupils.
13. Encourages pupils to gain enough self confidence to perform,
Improvisations and scripted pieces to an audience.
14. Encourages pupils to recognise the need for sequence and order in improvisation and scripted productions, thus encouraging, self discipline, logic and teamwork.
15. Will provide clearly set individual targets and continual assessment of each pupils progress to ensure continuity and progression.

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