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Woodlands High School

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Expressive Arts

Through the Expressive arts Area of Learning and Experience, schools and teachers can encourage children and young people to develop their creative appreciation and talent and their artistic and performance skills. The expressive arts provide opportunities to explore thinking, refine, and communicate ideas, engaging thinking, imagination and senses creatively. They also promote exploration of issues of personal and cultural identity. Engagement with the expressive arts requires application, perseverance and close attention to detail, capacities that have benefits across learning more widely. In the Arts in Education in the Schools of Wales review commissioned by the Welsh Government28, Professor Dai Smith said powerfully ‘It is clear…that countries across the world recognise the significance and potential of the arts in enabling improved educational, social and economic outcomes’29.

The expressive arts provide inspiration and motivation as they bring children and young people into contact with the creative processes, performances and products of others and stimulate their own experimentation and creativity. They provide many opportunities for experiences such as visits to theatres and galleries and for bringing the specialist expertise of, for example, artists and musicians into the classroom. Achievement in the expressive arts also provides a basis for lifelong participation and can ultimately contribute to a thriving economy and cultural life for Wales.

The Expressive Arts will span Art & Design, Drama and Music. Further information on the areas can be obtained by clicking on a subject found on the left hand side of this text.

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