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Woodlands High School

Woodlands High School



Food Technology

Woodlands High School aims to work cooperatively with pupils, parents, support agencies, industry and commerce. We ensure that the emphasis is on enjoyable learning in a educational environment. Activities are well planned and designed to support Food Technology within a varied, interesting and challenging curriculum.


To establish good working relationships that foster learning.
To equip pupils with the confidence, knowledge and skills required to maintain good health through making sensible food choices.
To provide equal opportunities for all pupils to reach their potential, recognising the range of abilities. Promoting independent living skills wherever possible.
To foster respect for others regardless of race, colour, creed and gender.


Pupils have the opportunity to use a wide range of equipment in a safe and hygienic manner. Pupils will learn to design and make balanced meals and will be able to undertake accredited external courses where appropriate. All pupils will have access to the food technology curriculum. Individual targets for students will be set and assessed regularly to ensure continuity and progression.


Food Technology lessons are linked with other subjects including careers, Key Skills, English, Maths and Science. This helps to further develop key skills. We also try and form links with local businesses and speakers.

Curriculum Organisation and Teaching Methods

The curriculum is broken down into half-termly projects for KS3 and KS4. Post 16 students follow Towards Independence modules and YAS units.
Lessons are a varied mix of: tasting and designing new dishes; practical cookery skills; demonstrations and group work; visits to supermarkets and food outlets and evaluation and self review.

Equal Opportunities

Pupils are encouraged to show respect for the needs of others regardless of race, creed, colour, gender or ability. They learn about foods from different cultures and the spiritual aspects of foods eaten during a range of worldwide religious festivals.


The Food Technology department liaises closely with the Design Technology department. Communication with other departments such as Maths, English, Key Skills and careers is regular so that pupils progress is shared. Food Technology coordinates a breakfast club offering “Healthy Eating“ options for those students walking to school. There is also a Healthy Tuck shop run every break time by students and supervised by Teaching Assistants.

Assessment, Recording and Reporting

Assessment tasks are built into lesson planning and are formally recorded on individual assessment sheets and daily in lesson evaluations. Photographic evidence for assessments is undertaken as opportunities arise. Pupils learn to evaluate their work within the design process and their own progress on Pupil Self Review sheets. They also monitor their attitude to work and effort through the merit points scheme.

Staff Development / INSET

Where possible departmental staff will attend relevant INSET courses, these will be selected in accordance to needs identified in the departmental Self Review and Action Plans. This will keep staff abreast of subject developments, improve teaching practice, classroom performance and behaviour management.

Communication and links with parents

Parents are informed of termly topics of work via overview sheets and timetables sent home. Students take home their food products and feedback is invited.

Links with other agencies / The Wider Community

Pupils visit local supermarkets and café’s on a regular basis. We have developed a link with Fitzalan High School and the Tesco Restaurant at Culverhouse Cross. As part of the Post 16 curriculum parents, carers and friends are invited to attend meals and events.

Health and Safety

It is the responsibility of classroom staff to ensure that all equipment is used safely and maintained correctly. Staff must ensure that pupils follow safety guidelines at all times and receive correct training before using equipment. Sharp knives are kept in a locked cupboard and used appropriately.

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