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Woodlands High School

Woodlands High School




History pervades every aspect of our lives and cultures. At Woodlands School we aim to introduce history in a way that:

Provides equal opportunities for all pupils to reach their potential, recognising the range of interests, abilities, skills and talents.
Introduces the pupils to an understanding of the past and its interpretations.
Helps pupils to develop a sense of identity.
Helps pupils to relate an awareness of their own identity to the identities of people who share their humanity, but whose characters have been shaped by different times and cultures.
Helps pupils to understand how knowledge of the present is informed by study of the past.
Fosters self-esteem and self-confidence in pupils that they may express their own views.
Encourages an informed and sensible scepticism in pupils
Provides a supportive, secure and rich learning environment, based on direct experience and practical activity.
Develops a partnership between the family, the school and the wider community.
Provides access for all pupils to the National Curriculum, the Post Key Stage 3 Curriculum and the
Post 16 Curriculum which includes the Youth Award Scheme. . Enriches other areas of the curriculum.
Prepares pupils for adult life.


Through adaptation of the broad aims, pupils will be able to:

develop knowledge and understanding of the sequences, routines and chronological patterns that make up the world
develop an understanding of their personal history alongside understanding about events in the world and what shapes them
develop knowledge and understanding of how people lived in other times and how those times were different from today
experience a range of representations of the past
use a range of evidence to find out about the past


In response to these opportunities, pupils can make progress in history by:

increasing the breadth and depth of their experience and knowledge
extending studying from the familiar to the less familiar
gaining an increasing understanding of historical concepts such as reasons for and results of past events
demonstrating a greater proficiency in the use of historical skills
communicating knowledge and understanding in a variety of ways with increasing accuracy.


Assessment will be in line with the whole school policy on 'Assessment, Recording and Reporting'. Clearly set individual targets and continued assessment of individual pupil progress will ensure progression and continuity. Pupils will be encouraged to evaluate their own work.



Care will be taken to ensure that all students work in a safe environment as outlined by the Health & Safety Guidelines of the Local Education Authority.

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