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Woodlands High School

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The Humanities Area of Learning and Experience provides fascinating contexts for children and young people to learn about people, place, time and belief. It will give them an understanding of historical, geographical, political, economic and societal factors and provide opportunities to engage in informed discussions about ethics, beliefs, religion and spirituality. Children and young people will learn to consider how these different factors interrelate, and develop an understanding of themselves and other people, their own locality, Wales and the world in a range of times, places and circumstances.

The Humanities Area of Learning and Experience provides rich opportunities for learning beyond the school walls, for example through exploring the local environment and learning from the experience of people and organisations and businesses in the community. Children and young people will also gain the knowledge and skills to understand and contribute to the communities in which they live and engage with societal issues.

The proposal for the new curriculum is that RE sits within the Humanities Area of Learning and Experience, encouraging links to the other aspects of this Area. RE can and should provide valuable experiences for children and young people that contribute to each of the purposes of education. Despite the positive ways in which RE can contribute to the education of learners in the twenty-first century its position on the curriculum has been fragile32. Its role can be misunderstood as being about the promotion of a particular faith or belief system rather than developing respect and understanding of different forms of religion over time and in different societies. In order to maintain the entitlement for all learners from four/five years old, it is proposed that RE, and the national expectations for RE, should remain a statutory curriculum requirement.

The Humanities will span Geography, History and Religious Education. Further information on the areas can be obtained by clicking on a subject found on the left hand side of this text.

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