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Woodlands High School

Woodlands High School




All pupils are timetabled for a minimum of one hour formal ICT lessons in which pupils access ICT at an appropriate level to help develop each pupils required and specific skills. ICT is also implemented and encouraged in all subject areas. Meaningful qualifications are being developed and piloted with year 11 pupils with the intention of extending this to a wider range of pupils.



To develop the ICT resources within the school.
To enhance pupils ICT awareness.
To help staff develop their ICT skills for implementation through their subject.
To help pupils develop the required skills to use ICT appropriately across the curriculum.
To improve pupils confidence with new technology.


An appropriate and meaningful scheme of work is in place and regularly being reviewed to enhance the learning opportunities of pupils and staff. Displays of the pupils work are regularly updated to help motivate pupils working ethos.



The school regularly reviews the level of ICT use around the school, seeking to improve and enrich pupils learning experiences with the use of digital media. As such, new equipment is investigated by senior management and recommended to the ICT co-ordinator who determines its educational merits.

Schools hardware is reviewed … digital cameras … mobile phones … graphics tablets, scanners, printers and photocopiers … ipads … infrastructure, cabling, ports, SMART Boards, network … laptops.

The replacement of old, damaged equipment is deemed the responsibility of the ICT co-ordinator who will either source a replacement or request SITS team to advise. The ICT co-ordinator will also request the SITS team dispose of the redundant hardware appropriately.

Investigation into the use of surplus hardware for use in the home to parents and carers to allow pupils access to ICT out of school hours.



All current software has been recorded by each department and then stored in appropriate whole school documentation.



Additional hardware/software purchases will be considered according to whole school needs and funds available. Refer to ICT Development Plan.


Links to a Scheme of Work

The majority of students follow a scheme of work that develops their ICT skills, some pupils work towards an Award in ICT and we are currently investigating the new Entry Level qualifications being offered by the WJEC.
Elsewhere in the school current practice supports discrete ICT. Schemes of work reflect the diverse needs of the students, as such are specific to each class.

Equal Opportunities

All pupils at Woodlands High School have equal opportunities to access ICT in a manner that is most appropriate to them.


Special Educational Needs

As a school for children with moderate to severe learning difficulties, Woodlands High School uses a wide range of equipment to support these needs. Lower case keyboards, site use of Clicker software and application of an adapted mouse are the main learning supports.


Curriculum Cymraeg

ICT is supported in Welsh lessons. Welsh software is also used at Woodlands High School. Such software is present in both the Welsh and ICT departments.


Health and Safety

Within departments it is the responsibility of the class teacher to ensure that all equipment is safely used and taken care of. Any problems are referred to the ICT Coordinator. All computers with internet access are supported by an Internet access code of practice. The class teacher is responsible for ensuring that pupils follow the rules of use. Within the ICT suite a risk assessment has been completed.


Assessment and Record Keeping

Assessment will be in line with the school’s assessment policy. ICT levels will be assessed at the end of key stage three, and all pupils undertaking discrete ICT are assessed every half term (Individual targets).
Curriculum mapping to ensure all strands of ICT are assessed over a range of subjects is now underway.



ICT is currently monitored across the curriculum by the ICT Coordinator adopting a support role in various subjects.
Curriculum mapping is now being focused upon to bring everyone in line with the three strands of ICT.
The ICT is monitored by the Deputy Head (in charge of assessment) in terms of setting and assessing ICT targets for pupils.


Links to roles and responsibilities

Within ICT there is a member of the Senior Management and an ICT Coordinator. Across the curriculum ICT is the responsibility of subject coordinators; support is provided by the ICT Coordinator.



This policy is under constant review by both the ICT Coordinator and a member of the Senior Management responsible for ICT

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