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Woodlands High School

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ILS / PSE / Preparation for Work

Our students at Woodlands High School need to be equipped to take their place in a rapidly changing world of work at whatever level is appropriate. All our students have an equal entitlement to high quality careers education and guidance that provides them with an understanding of the world of work, helps them to explore career options and supports them in making decisions on the opportunities open to them. Our careers education also includes life skills vital for our pupils to leave school and go out with confidence into the wider world.



to help our students to develop self-confidence and independent living skills
to give students an understanding of their choices after leaving school
to help students make informed decisions about their career
to help our students to develop attitudes and values required for employability and lifelong learning.

In Year 9 students have careers interviews with their careers adviser from Careers Wales. Their careers adviser is also present at their annual reviews. Concepts associated with Careers and the World of Work (CWW) are introduced through tutorial sessions and other subjects rather than through discrete Careers lessons.


Discrete CWW lessons are taught throughout Key Stage 4 and Post-16. They include:

information on the world of work (jobs available and roles and responsibilities within those jobs)
independent living skills
how to write a CV, fill in application forms and mock interviews etc.
We are committed to delivering a planned programme that is appropriately differentiated for all our students. We work closely with Careers Wales and have an agreement with them that identifies the contributions that each partner will make.


Our students will:

have access to individual advice and guidance from our Careers Wales adviser and through CWW lessons and tutorial sessions

participate in a variety of enterprise and work-related experiences
be encouraged to develop a personal plan for their future
Links with Other Areas

CWW is linked closely with PSE and the 14-19 Learning Pathways initiative. As a department we also work closely with other subjects, particularly English, Maths and IT through joint projects as well as individual sessions that support the learning across departments. Enterprise activities often include collaboration with other subjects such as Food Technology, Design technology and Art.


Curriculum Organisation and Teaching methods

The teaching of CWW is organised directly through the Scheme of Work, this informs our mid term planning (Pace Sheets), which in turn influences weekly, planned lessons in planning diaries. The subject is taught through grouped, paired and individual activities both teacher and pupil led.
Many lessons involve leaving the school environment to explore the world of work in the local community.


Equal Opportunities

All students have equal opportunities to appropriate careers/life skills guidance.



The CWW teacher

has regular meetings with our careers adviser to evaluate and improve provision.
plans, manages and contributes to the delivery of CWW
manages the contributions of staff and partners
develops own and others’ skills for the delivery of CWW
advises senior managers and the governing body

Assessment, Recording and Reporting

Assessments are formally undertaken each term as highlighted in the Scheme of Work and Pace Sheets. Students are assessed according to their understanding of work and their ability to work. Life skills are also assessed for those students for whom it is most appropriate. Progress is reported through statements in annual reviews and also in the end of year school report.


Staff Development/INSET

Teachers regularly undertake appropriate training for their professional development to help enrich the education and experiences for students. The CWW teacher takes every opportunity to extend skills in and knowledge of CWW and to feedback relevant information to the whole school.


Communication and Links with Parents

Parents are welcome to arrange to meet and discuss their child’s progress at any time during the school year. Feedback is also given through Annual Reviews and school reports. In addition to this, parents are vital to our pupils’ understanding of careers choices and decisions they need to make. We provide all parents with information on choices at 16+ during Parents’ evenings and annual reviews as well as a bi-annual ‘College Information Day’. Our Careers Wales careers adviser is usually present at these meetings. The College Information Day includes colleagues from both local and residential colleges attending in order to answer any questions parents may have. The CWW teacher is always available for parents to contact with any queries and works closely with parents, particularly in their child’s final 2 years of school.


Links with other agencies/ The wider community

The CWW provision is greatly enhanced through links with a number of partners who help to make the pupils’ learning real and up to date. As well as strong links with Careers Wales we constantly strive to expand and improve our links with employers and local groups.


This involvement includes;

Work experience placements.
Talks from visitors in Careers lessons.
Curriculum projects linked to particular subjects.
Monthly coffee mornings for local people.
Mock interview sessions.
Yearly enterprise event in collaboration with Careers Wales and many local businesses
Mini-enterprise events with Business Dynamics

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