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Incident Analysis

Developing healthy, confident individuals is one of the four purposes of the new curriculum and is the overall aim of managing challenging behaviour here at Woodlands High School. In particular we want our pupils to be ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society. Delivering these aims for pupils who engage in challenging behaviour is a considerable task. These behaviours are present in all educational settings but they are particularly prevalent in learners with severe learning difficulties (SLD) which accounts for the vast majority of our population at Woodlands. Researchers have identified a substantial number of difficulties that these behaviours bring to the individual, their families and those working with them.

How and why challenging behaviours are developed and maintained is much debated. General consensus maintains that multiple interlinking factors are involved, including biological, cognitive, behavioural, social and environmental factors. Developing a better understanding of these challenging behaviours is thought to be an important strategy when attempting to tackle them. This is particularly problematic when considering pupils with SLD due to their limited cognitive and communicative ability.

A fundamental theme running through latest guidance and research is the need to use collaborative approaches to gain a holistic understanding of pupils. When developing policy and systems we therefore drew upon opinions of teachers, teaching assistants and school leaders from our own and other schools as well as professionals (in particular psychology services) to establish the major barriers to understanding challenging behaviour within the school. New recording systems as well as a collaborative debrief process which drew upon functional behaviour analysis was developed.

Since the implementation of SIMS as our online tracker for behaviour management it has resulted in a much more consistent, efficient and accurate way of logging, tracking and analysing incidents. All significant incidents still require a hardcopy form to be completed along with de-brief sheet. There is a minor incident tally sheet that can be used if the teacher wishes but fundamentally these are to be uploaded onto SIMS by the end of each school day. All forms we utilise are listed below and if you require any further clarification on the ways in which we deal with behaviour now at the school please do not hesitate to contact Mr A Ellis (Assistant Head teacher).

As a result, a new system was introduced during this half term. All minor incidents are now tracked, significant/critical incident classifications are clearer, and the forms and re-brief sheets have been revised and drastically amended in order for them to be more robust and purposeful.

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