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Mathematics is a way of describing everyday experiences. It provides a way of viewing and making sense of the world through things such as “how much?”, their shape and where they are. It is used to tackle a range of practical tasks and real life problems as well as to communicate information and describe ideas. Mathematics is a means to develop other key skills which we need for our future lives. At Woodlands we aim to create a numeracy-rich environment which enables children to enjoy learning mathematical concepts whilst having fun.

Our key aims are:

Pupils and learners leave school prepared for life.

Pupils will be able to solve problems in their daily lives through the development of their logical thinking and cognitive skills.

Independence can come from enjoyment in learning and pupils’ and learners’ confidence in the use of mathematics.

Pupils develop qualities which enable them to cooperate, stick at tasks and organise themselves.

We strive to help as many pupils as possible, leave school with a recognised qualification as part of their basic skills

Effective teaching of Mathematics includes:

  • Mathematics is a practical subject which is taught through first hand and sensory experiences which encourage pupils and learners to explore their environment.
  • Small, achievable steps and individual targets help to ensure success.
  • All staff working a team help all pupils and learners to participate fully in maths. As pupils progress through Woodlands there is a greater emphasis on Life Skills, with being taught in an age appropriate way relevant to their personal development.
  • Key Stage 4 and 5 – Pupils will follow individual programmes linked to accredited modules and pupils work towards accreditation such as WJEC Entry Pathways, GCSE Foundation Numeracy and Agored modules
  • In Woodlands we pride ourselves in a flexible approach to all pupils or learners.

Mathematics lessons will include:

  • A mixture of approaches including teaching to groups, whole class or individuals
  • Practical/play activities to provide meaningful contexts
  • Relating maths to real life contexts where possible in every lesson.
  • Problem solving and investigation skills
  • Sensory experiences in line with Les Staves training -
  • Commercially available resources e.g. Numicon, Mathletics.
  • Songs, rhymes and creative activity
  • Physical activity e.g. outdoor adventurous activity, PE, physiotherapy, swimming
  • ICT – use of interactive whiteboard, ipads and computers

Pupils in Woodlands are assessed in Mathematics under the following disciplines. In addition, the Numeracy framework is used as an essential planning tool to enable numeracy skills to be used in all subject areas.

  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Number
  • Shape, Space
  • Measure 
  • Handing data
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