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Woodlands High School

Woodlands High School



Our Classes

As we steer away from conventional year groups in conjunction with the new curriculum, the pupils have decided to name each of our form classes as different trees. This was a discussion lead by our school council and they are as follows:

Dosbarth Maple (Foundation)

Dosbarth Pine (Foundation)

Dosbarth Oak (Y7)

Dosbarth Willow

Dosbarth Rowan 

Dosbarth Elm 

Dosbarth Hazel 

Dosbarth Holly 

Dosbarth Rosewood 

Dosbarth Hawthorn 

Dosbarth Ceder 

Dosbarth Sycamore 

Dosbarth Chestnut 

Dosbarth Palm 

Most learners, apart from those in Pine and Maple move from lesson to lesson according to their needs.

These teaching groups are:

KS3A, KS3B or KS3C.

KS4A, KS4B or KS4C.

Post 16A, Post 16B, Post 16C, Post 16D or Post 16E.



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