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Woodlands High School

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Pupil Voice is recognised as tremendously important for our children and young people and to ensure their voices are heard. We have a genuine ethos of being a pupil centred school and we strive to ensure our provision meets their expectations. For more information on our very successful school council please see tab on left hand said but a summary of all the mechanisms we have in place to listen to pupil voice include:

  • Student Council - This is a vibrant council that meets regularly and informs many aspects of school life. The council have recently been involved in the appointment of senior staff, teachers and support staff. They have also been heavily involved in improving the school toilets and choosing the new class names. Information from the student council directly informs the Self Evaluation Process
  • Eco Council - We have a vibrant eco-committee which meets regularly to ensure we manage our environmental foot print effectively. This work has been recognised with a Silver award and we are now striving for our Green Flag.
  • 14-19 Curriculum Planning Forum - In 2017, we began a process of overhauling our curriculum. Pupil voice is essential to this. As a starting point, nearly all pupils had the opportunity to state what they would like to learn and what interested them.
  • THRIVE Wellbeing Intervention - For some time, we have been looking for a wellbeing intervention that seeks to listen to the perceptions and aspirations of all pupils. THRIVE gives us this opportunity and next year we will be working with all pupils to baseline their wellbeing performance. From this point, we will be able to plan personal interventions across the school to improve pupil wellbeing such as perhaps an eight week block with one of our school ELSA’s.
  • Parents as advocates - We recognise that some pupils have significant communication impairments which potentially limits their opportunity to play and active role in school life. However we are 100% committed to ensuring that all pupils are involved in all aspects of school life. Therefore, we are fully committed to using a range of communication support programmes and using parents as advocates to ensure that everyone is listened to.
  • Open Door Access to Senior Leadership Team - We are proud that all pupils have direct access to the school's senior leadership. At any time of the day, pupils are the priority and if pupils request to meet with SLT, they are always prioritised.
  • Child Friendly Key Documents - We are in the process of converting all key documents in place across the school into child friendly formats. This work links closely with Rights Respecting Schools Status to ensure that pupils are in receipt of the key information that affects their lives. Individual Educational Plans’s have already undergone this process.
  • 14-19 Learning Options - Pupils in 14-19 departments now have a clear voice in choosing their non statutory learning options. Following taster sessions, pupils work with their parents/carers to select the options that motivate them most.
  • Assessment for Learning Including Self Assessment - At every point in learning, pupils are directly involved in assessing their own learning. The skills wheel and marking policy link well to ensure pupils are well placed to assess the effectiveness of their learning
  • Questionnaires - Pupils are issued with child friendly questionnaires on an anonymous and annual basis. This information is analysed by the Leadership Team and directly informs the Self Evaluation Process and School Improvement Planning Process.

As you can see, there are multiple systems in place to ensure we have very accurate information relating to pupil's perception of school. Our absolute priority is to involve pupils in all aspects of school life. This ensures they are well engaged and become active participants in school life.

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