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Religious Education

The Nature of RE

RE is an educational activity and is not designed to urge religious beliefs on pupils. It comprises both a study of religion and should give opportunities for pupils to explore and express their own feelings and beliefs. RE makes a major contribution to pupil’s spiritual and moral development by helping them to develop their own beliefs and values.


Aims in RE

a) To develop the pupil’s knowledge and understanding of the beliefs and practices of Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Judaism and Hinduism.
b) To help pupils appreciate the influence that religious belief and practice has on believers today.
c) To encourage in the pupils a respect of and sensitivity to those who hold different beliefs from their own.
d) To help pupils explore and reflect upon their own life and religious experiences (e.g. celebrating special times) and those of others.
e) To give pupils opportunities to express their feelings and beliefs.


The Content

The teaching of RE is based on the County Agreed Syllabus – this has been adapted to more suit the special needs of the pupils at the school

The pupils will study Christianity, Islam and Judaism at Key Stage 3. At Key Stage 4 they will study Christianity and Sikhism, they will also continue with aspects of Judaism which will be linked with units based on The Holocaust. They will also continue to be aware of major Islamic festivals.

Post 16 pupils will work through the module “Beliefs and Values” from the YAS Scheme.


Teaching and Learning

A variety of teaching methods will be used and in particular the use of story, discussion, drama, meditation, circle time, video, artefacts, visits to places of worship and visitors from faith communities. The school is well equipped with reference material, videos and artefacts.


Equal Opportunities

The content of RE will be appropriate for all pupils irrespective of their religious and cultural background and teaching will encourage sensitivity toward and respect for different views and beliefs. The teaching of RE will be suitable for pupils of all abilities and differentiation will be achieved by both task and outcome.


Time Allocation

All pupils will have 75 minutes of RE per week. Slightly more curriculum time will be allotted to Christianity.


Assessment, Recording and Reporting

Assessment is included in the planning of RE and is an ongoing process. Opportunities will be taken during normal teaching to record such assessment. A special focus will be made each half term to review the progress made on each pupil’s individual target. Assessment techniques will be varied – e.g. written, oral, drama, illustration.

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