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Science & Technology

Science and technology are closely linked, each depending upon the other. Science involves acquiring knowledge through observation and experimentation, and technology applies scientific knowledge in practical ways. This Area of Learning and Experience capitalises on children and young people’s curiosity about our natural, physical world and universe though investigating, understanding, and explaining. They learn to generate and test ideas, gather evidence, make observations, carry out practical investigations, and communicate with others. They also learn how through computer science, the horizons of what is possible can be extended beyond our current imagination.

Children and young people will also have opportunities to learn how technology is used to design products that improve the quality of human life and to apply their scientific and other knowledge to practical purposes and challenges. For schools, this means providing children and young people with rich opportunities to develop technological skills, knowledge, understanding and attributes through designing and developing products and systems. They will be able to explore the impact of technology on society and the environment. Learning in the Science and technology Area of Learning and Experience will enable many young people to prepare for careers in science, digital industries and technologies.

The Review proposes the introduction of computer science – spanning, for example, the kinds of thinking skills used in computation (including analysis, use of algorithms and problem solving), design and modelling, and developing, implementing and testing digital solutions – as a specific component within the Science and technology Area of Learning and Experience. The ICT Steering Group’s report to the Welsh Government34 in 2013 outlines its vision that Wales should become ‘an Agile-Digital Nation, renowned for producing talented technology innovators, leading software engineers, successful entrepreneurs and other related roles capable of becoming world leaders and contributing to the success of a thriving digital industry in Wales’. It argues that introducing computing into the curriculum would help to create economic and social advantages for all children educated in Wales and enable Wales to become a world leader in computing and digital skills.

Science & Technology will span Science, Design Technology and Food Technology. Further information on the areas can be obtained by clicking on a subject found on the left hand side of this text.

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